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6th – 8th June - Battle on the Border
Brady competed in a 3 day stage race held in and around the lovely Kingscliffe area. This saw the cream of Elite talent from Rocky down to Sydney desend of the coastal town for a Mecca of HOT cycling. All things went according to plan with firm results throughout the weekend. Pic is Brady is the Individual Time Trial.


27-28th June - Tour of the Scenic Rim
This event is held in and around the picturesque township of Boonah, it comprised of a road race on Saturday and a Kurmesse on the Sunday. Once again it was Brady flying the Team Dalby flag. He had a solid race in the road race and an excellent 6th in the Kurmesse. Both races were dominated by National Team Fly V Australia. Excellent Racing.

Jacob Rowney = Junior State Championships
Jacob has had an excellent season and finished it up with an incredible result in Rockhampton at the State titles, ‘Cobba’ finished 5th overall in his age group with the results in the individual races below.
4th Individual Time Trial, 5th Road Race, 6th Criterium.

1st August – Cunningham Classic
Nolsey was out only competitor this year with our usual suspects taking time off during the winter months. Nolsey was a little sceptical going into this race with not many k’s in the legs, however he surprised himself with a solid 8th spot in the Master B division. Nice One.

23rd August – EPIC
Damo, Cookie, Brady & Richard took on the Half Epic this year in extremely hot conditions. The Dalby lads took the “All for one, one for all” approach this year. With Epic virgin Richard along for the ride they were determined that he enjoyed himself out there !! Needless to say they looked a little worse for wear crossing the finish line this year..... Jersey’s off and straight to the pool for a cool down. Rumour has it that although Richard said he would never do that again, he’s NOW keen to do the marathon next year... watch this space !!

25th October – PINKTOBER RIDE
Pinktober ride was organised this year by the girls at BIKELINE to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. They organised a 25km and 50km ride and breakfast + fashion parade, prizes etc etc Over 70 riders took part in this wonderful fundraising event, they raised nearly $10,000. BJ & Rachele took part and hope to take a bigger contingent next year, all for the cause. Cancer has touched many of us and this is our way of helping to raise awareness in our community. MUST WEAR PINK, of course!

5th July Gold Coast Half Marathon
Nolsey & Bron took their lean legs down to the Gold Coast for the Half Marathon. This was Nolsey’s first stab at this distance, Bron however is a half marathon veteran and they both cruised with fantastic times. Nolsey in 1 hour 30 and Bron just 1 minute slower in 1 hour 31 mins. Well done.

2nd August Noosa Half Marathon
Danny made his way to Noosa for his second Half Marathon. He was looking very lean & mean and made a huge improvement on his previous times with a superb 1 hour 38 mins. Perhaps next year a 1 hour 30 ????

DALBY BIKELINE ROAD RACE 8th November @ Jimbour
Mooloolaba Tri 28th March, 2010
New season TTC Triathlon Series
o 22nd November 2009
o 20th December 2009
o 24th January 2010
o 21st February 2010
• 21st March 2010

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Once again the Team Dalby crew made the yearly pilgrimage to Mooloolaba for a weekend of TRIATHLON !!
This year was like any other as we had both teams and individuals lining up for the Olympic distance 1.5km swim/40km bike/10km run. However with the weather not on our side it was going to be a difficult day on the course. The swim was moved into the canal as the surf was too rough, the course was from Charles Clarke Park around an island and back with a 600m run to transition. The currents were strong and was a little rough on the far side of the island which made the second half of the swim all that more difficult. To make matters even more challenging it was raining, not just showers but pouring rain throughout most of the race. Some of our team had to empty the water out of their running shoes in T2. Despite the rain it made for a much cooler race and far more enjoyable. Book again early for next year, kiddo’s..
Our Individual boys Danny Nearhos, Tony Nolan, Jonathan Fawkes & Tom Roger all had high expectations for this year’s race. Nolsey was a fastest Local boy home with a very impressive time of 2:22:39, he finished 32nd in his category and had a highly competitive run time of 43 minutes. Despite finishing with a fair amount of skin missing on his toe and a bit sore, he was pretty happy with his result. Jonathan got off to a slippery start with a super fast swim leg, he carried on his fine form throughout the ride and also onto the run where he scorched a 41 minute split, his final time was 2:23:11, an excellent effort which pushed him into 16th spot in his category. Mooloolaba tri legend Danny had only one thing on his mind and that was CORONA’s at the finish please....... Dan carved up the atrocious conditions and came away with his best ever result at this distance, he is obviously a fish because he loved the water, his time of 2:27:57 was certainly worth the trip! This was Tom’s first individual stab at Mooloolaba, the training had been done and it was time he flexed his muscles. Swimming is not Tom’s first love but he powered through the chop and rips to complete the first leg. Any time Tom may have lost on the difficult swim was quickly made up on the ride and run course. Tom finished in 2:50:13, an excellent result.
As for girls it was all fun and games !! Bron had to withdraw at the 11th hour due to an ongoing injury which left her limping. Rachele and Michelle were sure to fly the Team Dalby Female Flag high and proud. Being in the same age group it was nice to start with someone else we actually knew... Michelle is a fish and took off to the front of the pack quick smart and held on to finish the swim in a whipping 28:26 (awesome), swimming was not Rachele’s friend today. After a rough swim and a few good mouthfuls of salt water Rachele emerged from the dirty water a little worse for wear. As the rained increased so did the speed of these gutsy girls on the bike leg. Michelle got herself into a comfortable rhythm throughout the ride, taking in all in. Rachele had to rid herself of the salt water which she did about 4km in much to the disgust of onlookers.......this was just what she needed. She had a very comfortable ride, feeling strong but leaving enough in reserve for the run. As the girls came in for T2 the rain was pelting down. Rachele got into a good groove early on the run and held on strong to finish in a time of 2:53:41, 50th in her category. Michelle also showed her determination with a solid run to finish in a time of 3:04:09, 72nd in same category. Good Work Girls !!!
No boys here !!
Again the Dalby Girls showed the world how good they are with 2 female teams in this year’s competition. The Dalby Divas Andrea Gormley(although not technically Dalby anymore), Kate Paynter & Clare Byrne comprised a very handy all female affair which left others gasping for breath. All 3 ladies had such impressive splits especially Andrea’s 1:13:38 bike split that they made TOP TEN. The girls finished in 6th spot overall in the time of 2:33:31, an excellent effort. Our other all girl all power outfit was Little Dalby with new Dalbyite Anna Cox at the helm for the swim, the comeback queen BJ Rowney on the bike and pocket rocket Bec Stephenson on the run, this team was nothing to sneeze at. With the nails bitten to the quick Anna hit the water and emerged not long after with a 27 min split, she was smokin’. BJ was EXTREMELY unlucky to have a short stay in the penalty box (I believe that motorbike had tyres slashed later that night) for an otherwise excellent ride in tough knee shaking conditions and Bec, the little speed machine..... what a run 47 minutes. Total time of 2:37:56....awesome work girls.

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1ST MARCH 2009
What a scorcher !! The Coast was hot hot hot !! Rachele, Clare, Bron & Nolsey arrived at the Gold Coast just in time to register and rack their bikes late Saturday afternoon; the triathlon precinct was abuzz with buff bodies and shiny bikes. After checking into the Southport Hilton we sorted out our wave times and packed our kit for the following day.
Clare was a first competitor to hit the water at 7.30am, the Broadwater was a warm 26 degrees but murky and slimey, Nolsey was next at 7.45 then Bron and last was Rachele at 8.03am. The swim was 750m back towards Surfers end of the Broadwater, transition was a 200m run over a bridge and into transition, the bike were racked on rows which were 135m long....this made for a long run before we hit the bitumen on our bikes. The bike leg was 20km and very crowded and at times extremely dangerous, Rachele only seconds behind an unfortunate lady who hit a spectator and went down very hard. The road was a bit rough in spots but the 2 laps went by rather quickly. BY this time the mercury was well and truly rising towards the days max of 36. The run was 5km 1 lap up and back Marine Pde, taking in the parklands as well. The drink stations were well used the rehydration tent well manned in that hose down !! Well done to all, some fast splits by our crew, too.

Nolsey 1:08:28 23rd in Age group 40- 44 years
Bron 1:10:44 8th in Age Group 35 -39 years(2nd fastest run split for her age too)
Rachele 1:24:40 31st in Age Group 30 -34 years
Clare 1:26:12 37th in Age Group 25 – 29 years

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2009 HELL OF THE WEST RACE REPORT……… viewed by a Triathlon Widow (DONNA NOLAN)

Beep! Beep! Beep! 3.30am already! Rise and Shine! Time to sleepwalk in the dark to the banks of the McIntyre River to get numbered and rack your bikes for the infamous Hell of the West Triathlon in Goondiwindi consisting of a 2km swim/80km bike ride/20km run.
Just before 5.00am and still pitch black, the first wave of competitors entered the cool dark waters full of anticipation & looked like corks bobbing in the ocean as they waited for the race to begin. Dalby entrants Kate Paynter, Jonathon Fawkes & Katie Bligh swam the first leg for their respective teams. Individual competitors Bronwyn Henschell-Green (a veteran of 4 HOTW’s) and first timers Danny Nearhos & Tony Nolan followed in various waves. Special mention goes to Jonathon who had never swum 2k’s before but thought he’d “give it a go” after Benn Hanson had to withdraw from the swim leg due to a chronic ear infection. Jonathon well & truly held his own in the swim against very experienced competitors. Katie Bligh exited the swim mid field setting up well for the rest of her team. Kate Paynter also finished well despite being stabbed by a stick in the murky waters of the McIntyre! Danny had a great swim leg and blitzed the field while dolphin Bron was the second female out of the water. Nolsey struggled with cramps as he returned to shore & spent the latter part of the swim leg floating on his back trying to stretch out watching despondently as other competitors sailed past. By the time he reached transition there was only a single number of bikes left!
Mark Green rode well after taking over from Kate and really put his shoulder to the wheel to bring his team forward a few more places by the completion of the bike leg. By the time he had completed his ride he had just about digested the ½ a cow he had consumed the night before as the Team Nutritionist watched in horror. Taking over from Jonathon, Sam Beck, wearing a red jersey, looked like a red belly black snake as he flattened himself along the bike and looked like he part of the machine. He rode with the aggression of a brown snake as he set a blistering pace in the bike leg. Danny looked comfortable for the whole 80kms, singing ad jingles in his head to help pass the kilometres. Bron suffered cramping problems in the glutious maximus & had to get off the bike for around 5 minutes to try and work the cramps out before finally completing the bike leg and falling a few places in the female race rankings. Putting the horrors of the swim behind him, Nolsey finally mounted the bike. He put his head down & peddled like a man possessed and soon began the task of mowing down his competitors. Not one single rider overtook him on the bike leg (there were only about nine others behind him at the start!). By the time he racked his bike again he had pulled himself up around the top third of the list.
At this stage Jonathon had traded his togs for running shoes and was off like a shot for the 20km run. He ran like a cheetah and with 200 metres to go began sprinting like an Olympian in contention for a gold medal. He dashed past others bringing his team up to 5th place. Greenie passed the baton to Clare who decided that she was sick of sitting around in the 35 degree heat and didn’t want to be pounding the bitumen for any longer than she needed. Clare ran one of her best races passing many other competitors to pull her team up the rankings. Jodie VanRjen (a former local) ran the final leg for Team Bligh after the original runner was injured in a car accident during the week. This was Jodie’s first shot at the 20km distance and to her credit she raced well. Benn Hanson completed the run leg for an individual entrant who had hurt his knee the day before the event. Benn approached the run in his usual laid back style and posted a respectable time completing the event with a big grin on his face. Nolsey soon eased into a comfortable rhythm for his 20k’s and crossed the finish line with his fists clenched in jubilation. Danny pounded the pavement and was soon home crossing the finishing line with a triumphant smile. Bron settled into her usual efficient gait and slowly clawed her way through the pack to lift her overall position. Bron finished an incredible second in her category – no mean feat considering her strong opposition and debilitating cramps. During the race post mortem on the way home Danny and Nolsey wallowed in their achievement of completing their first gruelling “Hell of the West” and recording a respectable time stating how much they really enjoyed it and would be back again next year. Perhaps they were suffering heat exhaustion or the effects of dehydration......
Or perhaps it is just the sheer addiction of Triathlon!!!! Well Done to All!

Bronwyn Henschell Green  2nd in her Category
Tony Nolan  11th in his Category
Danny Nearhos  around top 1/3 of his Category there was a timing problem.
Team Dalby 1: (Jonathon Fawkes, Sam Beck, Jonathon)  5th Male Team
Team Dalby 2: (Kate Paynter, Mark Green, Clare Byrne)  15th Mixed Team
Krunch Bunch (Katie Bligh/Jed Dowling/Jodie VanRjen)  19th Mixed Team
Benn Hanson stepped in at the last moment to run for an individual entrant who was injured  11th Male Team

TTC Race #4 25th January, 2009

TTC Triathlon 25th January 2009

Once again the Dalby crew turned out in force for TTC’s Race #4 of the season. Conditions were mild and yet again another huge turnout; over 150 competitors took part in both the long and short course triathlon.

400m/12km/5.2kmThe long course was torn apart by the competitors with some awesome times recorded by Team Dalby. Once again Bron Henschell stamped her approval on the long course with a blistering 53:01 minutes to claim second overall, Lucy Walton was our next girl over the line in 8th spot in a very handy time of 1:02:36, another 2 minutes faster than her previous race at Highfields. Our other junior superstar Zoe Nearhos 14th overall also had an awesome day with an impressive 1:05:40. Our other team members made up of Clare Byrne 10th, Nicole Lockwood 12th Rachele Cumming 15th Michelle Roger 24th and Janneke Coetzee 26th all finished the day very pleased with their results.
The Long course boys also did extremely well in the excellent conditions with Tony Nolan the first of our team home in 51:27 1st over 40 male and 8th overall. Jonathon Fawkes was next in with 52:37 in 11th spot, Danny Nearhos in 55:22, Charlie Nolan in 59:32, Tom Roger in 1:09:56 and Nick Nolan in 1:21:00.

200m/6km/2.6kmIn the short course we had a TTC debut with Cormack Ebbage, another one of our Team Dalby Juniors. Cormack had an excellent race and finished up with a very impressive time of 34:55.

Upcoming Races
Caloundra 400/15/4 8th February
Bribie 2XU Tri 1km/28km/8km 15th February
Gold Coast Tri 750/20/5 1st March
Oakey Tri 400/12/4 22nd March
Mooloolaba Tri 1.5km/40km/10km 29th March
TTC Race #5 5th April

Saturday, December 27, 2008


TRIATHLON has taken off in Dalby with a record 14 Team Dalby members making their way to Highfields Aquatic Centre for 'their choice' of the long course 400m/15km/5.2km or short course 200m/7km/2.6km. This was the first Tri for some members. Our team of Super Stars were on fire...
Bron Henschell Green came away with 2nd female in the long course (2 mins faster then her last effort), Nolesy (who has come to the dark side!) came in 1st in the over 40 mens section.
Special mention has to go to Charlie Nolan and Lucy Walton who did this tri last year and have improved so much !! Charlie betterd his time by a whopping 14 minutes and Lucy by 8 minutes...that is sensational. With many tri's still on the calender for 2009, watch this space for further results....
Up & Coming Triathlons
Robina Tri January 18th
Next TTC Tri is January 25th
Hell of the West February 1st
Caloundra February 8th


On Sunday 7th December the Toowoomba crew came out to get a taste of the country life in the first Dalby/Bikeline Road Race. There were 3 grades on offer over the mountainous regions of the Jimbour House 31km loop....
There were 7 starters in the A grade race which was 2 laps, with only 2 Dalby starters Nolesy & Cookie tactics would have to play a keen part. However some of the Toowoomba riders also had their own set of tactics....which wasn't much at all some might say!! 1st place went to Jimmy Pauli, 2nd to Gary Kirstensen and 3rd to Dave Archer and Dalby boys Cookie was 5th and Nolesy 6th.
B Grade was slighter more exciting for the Dalby contigent with Team Captain Damo, Richard, Danny, Rocky & Tom racing the 2 laps. The pace was set to FURIOUS which left the Toowoomba riders gasping for breath... Damo & Richard broke away early into the second lap and maintained their lead to come away with a dead heat (???) for 1st place and Peter Mouatt from Toowoomba in 3rd. Op Tom gave a big fight but settled for 4th and Danny rounding them up with a 6th placing. Rocky must have stopped for a 'natural break' as he came in a little later! Good one boys.
In the biggest pack of the day we had some virgin racers from Dalby, was great to see everyone out having a go. Lining up were Jacob, Charlie, New Dalbyite Michael Dignan, Don 'The Door' Cramer, John Crothers, Peter Bailey, JC & Katrina. C grade only had the 1 lap of glorious terrain to contend with... The young fella's were chomping at the bit to get going and going they did as the bunch busted up on the first hill with the Jacob's (Mouatt & Rowney) leading the way... As the lone rider was spotted there was much anticipation from the crowd as we waited to see who it was...Coming in 1st was Toowoomba Junior Jacob Mouatt, 2nd was Michael Dignan and 3rd was Jacob Rowney (who is only 12!!).. Charlie came in at 6th, not bad for his first race !! News had been relayed back to base that our very own Katrina Cullen had a fall in the steep incline of Quarry Mountain but she was AOK..All other Team Dalby member unscathed and a little thirsty, congratulations to all.
Well done to all involved and I hear that the Bikeline are planning on another assault early in 2009, perhaps a clean sweep by Dalbyites is not out of the question.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Mooloolaba Triathlon 2008
What a Weekend !! The Team Dalby descended on the coast with a BANG. The Mooloolaba Triathlon is BIG business and we were prepared. We were well hydrated and fired up from watching the Asics Bolt 5km Friday night, Superkidz Tri Saturday morning and then the Crit on Saturday afternoon. Fantastic weather and awesome views all round (if you know what I mean).
The Team Dalby Super Kidz were on fire at the Kidz Tri. Zoe Nearhos had an awesome race finishing 3rd in her 13 years cat. Lucy Walton took out the 12 years cat, blitzing the field, that training has sure paid off. Mia Walton also charmed the course with a fine effort. Our youngest of the troop Emily Doyle par took in her first Triathlon and showed some promise with a very strong finish in the run. Well Done Super Kidz !

THE TEAMS: The Dalby Diva’s Bron and Andrea (still a Dalbyite through & through) stormed through the PERFECT conditions to score a podium finish, 3rd. The girls finished 6 minutes faster than 2 ago when they also combined and finished 4th. The Dalby Darlings were also on fire, Katrina Walton swimming in fine form, Maryanne Gibbo riding and scored a PB and bringing them home Ang Doyle with a PW (yeah right!!). With Clare out sick, the other Dalby Girls team had to work fast and secure a runner and they did. So with Kate Paynter swimming in sub 30 and Jeanette riding the late entry runner from Canberra was lucky to find such a fine team. Our mixed teams were the dynamic duo of OPTom Roger and Super Fish Michelle Jefferson.. Michelle took them out strong and Tom had an awesome ride and a very hot run. ‘Little Dalby’ Team Walker/Green/Stephenson had Bec flying home in the 10km with a very handy 46 mins. Our only Men’s Team was comprised of swimmer/runner Simon Doyle and a mate of his to ride. Strong performances from everyone and it seemed that everyone was very pleased with their results (except for maybe Ang & Katrina!!).

With the late withdrawal of Sam and Bron, there were only 2 left standing to carry the weight of Dalby on their well muscled shoulders. Danny Nearhos and Rachele Cumming were focused and motivated and ready to wreak havoc on that Mooloolaba course. With last minute changes to the swim leg, the panic set in, was this a trick to make them swim further?? Rach was first off at 7.00am and Danny at 7.32am, the teams followed at 7.50 and 7.55am. Conditions were PERFECT, a little cool but water temp was beautiful. This was Danny’s 2nd stab at Mooloolaba but the 1st for Rach and she was scared (of the sharks). The swim was in an M shape along the coast of the Mooloolaba Beach which exited at the steps of the ‘Loo’s with a View’, then with a short run up the beach and stairs and down to transition the second leg began. Forget the sand and the salt water stinging the eyes, this was business. Now where did I rack my bike?? With bike firmly in hand, helmet fastened the bike leg had begun. The first part of this course has some nasty little bergs and can get the heart pumping until you head down the Exit Ramp and suddenly you have wings and are flying. With not much wind around, it was a perfect day for time trialling. Just after the turn around dreams turned to disaster when Rach noticed her FIRST EVER flat tyre. TEARS of disappointment & frustration set in. So she set about changing her flat and along came a friendly man to help and then he left without helping, so she walked for about half an hour begging for help. Meanwhile Danny was carving up the course at a ferocious pace, giving it everything. He yelled something.....He rode past.....then a white knight appeared, pumped up said tyre and away she went. The Teams were well into it at this stage too, with the girls scoring some fantastic averages. Danny came into Trans 2 on fire and leapt into his runners and away to stamp in approval in the hardest run course in Triathlon. In comes Rach, the supporters have now realised that it has been a flat keeping her not slow legs.. A flying Trans 2 also gets her quickly on the run, she’s fired and needs to make up some valuable time. Danny finished his day at the office with one ‘expresso Love’ and a 47 minute run thank you very much and Rachele also finished on a high with an awesome run. Danny’s time of 2 hours 30 mins 40 secs was well on his goal, good one. Rachele was extremely happy with her splits despite the 34 minute delay in her bike leg, her official time 3 hours 25 mins is just a number.....
Let’s book in for next year, Mooloolaba ROCKS.....


Dalby Tri – 9th March 2008.
It was in near gale force winds that the annual Dalby Triathlon was contested this year. There was loads of local talent on for show as well, with a number in teams and individual events.
The kids started out the day with over 100 competitors, with ages ranging from 7 and up. There were some very impressive times as well; future stars shining bright.
The Business House Challenge in always hotly contested and this year was no different. The High School Team was sure to pack a punch with elite swimmer Jason Caruso, cycling whiz kid Mark Green and Super Human Athlete Bron Henschell as their runner. However they were shocked to see the SuperFish 2nd out of the pool, the ground was quickly made up by Greenie and brought home in blistering form from Bron.
There was a lot of buzz surrounding the TEAMS entries this year with lots of last minute re shuffles and team tactics, there was money on the line!! The Men’s Team was taken out by ‘To Be Advised’ Benn Hansen swimming, Nolesy Riding & young Nathan Appleton running and 2nd to ‘The Busted Brady’s’ a tribute team made up of Todd Sommerville, Damo Cumming & Dangerous Dave. Tony Nolan scored the fastest bike ride of the day taking his team to the top podium place. The mixed teams was taken out by the ‘Travelling Willbedoyles’, with young swimmer Will Lane taking charge, Belinda Rowney giving the Elite girls a run for the money in the ride and Ang Doyle bringing home the bacon on the run, 2nd were ‘TOP GUN’. Special mention must go to Jarrod Lockhart, Mitchell Cook and Cormack Ebbage, these three 10 year olds mixed it with the big teams and had an awesome time. Despite their size and age and the conditions they were right up there. Well done little dudes !!

The Individual numbers were up on last year and with local super stars on show the crowd were at salivating point!! Former local boy Steve Halliday was keen to put his name in lights with a strong swim but couldn’t hold on and took out 2nd. 1st boy home was Nathan Fitzakerly. Our Dalby boys also did us proud with big Sam Sam the time trial man taking 7th overall, Jonathon Fawkes 12th, Danny Nearhos 14th and Tom Roger in a time of 1 hour 18 mins. Danny also took out his 35-39 age group.
The girls were without their team captain Bron as she had to withdraw at the last minute with an injury but they certainly didn’t disappoint. Kate Cobb was our first Dalby girl, closely followed by Rachele Cumming. Clare Byrne, Michelle Jefferson, Jeanette Carbury and Triathlon debutante Maryanne Gibbons had strong races despite the terrible winds; they raced on in the tough conditions and came home with the goods. Kate took out her 45-49 age group and Rachele the 30-34 age group.
All in all it was a very successful day by competitors and organisers alike. We thank those of you who helped out in any way and look forward to smashing those times next year.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sizzling Summer Series

Sizzling Summer Series Round 1
On Sunday 10th February was Round 1 of Logan City Cycling Club’s Sizzling Summer Series held at Crestmead. There were 3 team Dalby crew taking part. Nolesy, Cookie & Brady and they were keen to test the waters as they had not raced since August last year. All the boys were now racing up a grade as well, so there were a few nerves.

Nolesy was first cab off the rank in Masters B, a massive field of 68 riders competed. In his post race interview Nolesy said it was pretty scary at times, travelling at 62kmph in a bunch that big. He held on in the crazy race conditions to ‘Top 10’ or maybe 15....

Cookie was very anxious about his leap to Masters A but showed he has a ticker the size of Texas, taking solid turns at the front and holding on in a bunch sprint finish. Although his prepartation has been less than favourable he was very happy with his result.

This was Brady’s first Elite A Open Race with his new team QSM Racing, the field was HOT. He lined up against some of the best Elite riders Australia has to offer as well as RABOBANK professional Matt Hayman who is home from his european base. It was a hard and fast race with constant attacks and breaks. Half way through the race an 8 man break away formed and looked to stay away until with 3 laps to go Ipswich rider Peter Thompson and Brady bridged the gap. It was an awesome feat pulling in riders of that calibre. On the final lap the bunch came together and flew down the home stretch with the sprinters taking charge. Brady finish in 10th place (just behind Matt Hayman), in a truly awesome race.

Round 2 is on 24th February and we certaianly look forward to seeing how the boys go in that one!

Australia Day Ride

Australia Day Ride

On Monday 28th January all the patriotic Dalbyites headed to the Bunya’s for the annual Australia Day Ride. There was a fair size bunch which left from the PO @ 6am. It was a nice steady pace as some of the Gromits joined us and showed us all up. After a brief breather at The Bun we continued on our merry way to Koehler Park. This was the end for some of the riders, the start for others and a mere drink stop for the ones making the journey to the foothills stop further up the hill. With support vehicles in tow Cormack, Jacob and Charlie showed the other Dalby starters Tom, BJ, Brad, Craig & Rachele that they too could hold their own on the up hill climb. Damo and Nolesy followed suit from Koehler Park and continued on up and over the bunya’s with Brad, Tom & Craig flexing their climbing muscle as well. The MTB girls Bron and Clare opted for the safer option which was to drive up in the safety of Team Green Car. The support vehicles were again a necessity in helping our Team Dalby Crew to revive and offer encourage or shout abuse and take a few pics. We all joined again at the top for a yummy brunch and then we all came home again, some opting for the comfort of an air conditioned car OR an uncomfortable leather bicycle seat.. A short pub stop at The Bun Pub is always required and after a few beers and an ice cold coke for ‘Ride of Day’ recipient Lee, we headed home. Great riding again to the Gromits, I think next year they’ll be riding all the way...