Sunday, March 08, 2009


1ST MARCH 2009
What a scorcher !! The Coast was hot hot hot !! Rachele, Clare, Bron & Nolsey arrived at the Gold Coast just in time to register and rack their bikes late Saturday afternoon; the triathlon precinct was abuzz with buff bodies and shiny bikes. After checking into the Southport Hilton we sorted out our wave times and packed our kit for the following day.
Clare was a first competitor to hit the water at 7.30am, the Broadwater was a warm 26 degrees but murky and slimey, Nolsey was next at 7.45 then Bron and last was Rachele at 8.03am. The swim was 750m back towards Surfers end of the Broadwater, transition was a 200m run over a bridge and into transition, the bike were racked on rows which were 135m long....this made for a long run before we hit the bitumen on our bikes. The bike leg was 20km and very crowded and at times extremely dangerous, Rachele only seconds behind an unfortunate lady who hit a spectator and went down very hard. The road was a bit rough in spots but the 2 laps went by rather quickly. BY this time the mercury was well and truly rising towards the days max of 36. The run was 5km 1 lap up and back Marine Pde, taking in the parklands as well. The drink stations were well used the rehydration tent well manned in that hose down !! Well done to all, some fast splits by our crew, too.

Nolsey 1:08:28 23rd in Age group 40- 44 years
Bron 1:10:44 8th in Age Group 35 -39 years(2nd fastest run split for her age too)
Rachele 1:24:40 31st in Age Group 30 -34 years
Clare 1:26:12 37th in Age Group 25 – 29 years


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