Monday, April 07, 2008


Mooloolaba Triathlon 2008
What a Weekend !! The Team Dalby descended on the coast with a BANG. The Mooloolaba Triathlon is BIG business and we were prepared. We were well hydrated and fired up from watching the Asics Bolt 5km Friday night, Superkidz Tri Saturday morning and then the Crit on Saturday afternoon. Fantastic weather and awesome views all round (if you know what I mean).
The Team Dalby Super Kidz were on fire at the Kidz Tri. Zoe Nearhos had an awesome race finishing 3rd in her 13 years cat. Lucy Walton took out the 12 years cat, blitzing the field, that training has sure paid off. Mia Walton also charmed the course with a fine effort. Our youngest of the troop Emily Doyle par took in her first Triathlon and showed some promise with a very strong finish in the run. Well Done Super Kidz !

THE TEAMS: The Dalby Diva’s Bron and Andrea (still a Dalbyite through & through) stormed through the PERFECT conditions to score a podium finish, 3rd. The girls finished 6 minutes faster than 2 ago when they also combined and finished 4th. The Dalby Darlings were also on fire, Katrina Walton swimming in fine form, Maryanne Gibbo riding and scored a PB and bringing them home Ang Doyle with a PW (yeah right!!). With Clare out sick, the other Dalby Girls team had to work fast and secure a runner and they did. So with Kate Paynter swimming in sub 30 and Jeanette riding the late entry runner from Canberra was lucky to find such a fine team. Our mixed teams were the dynamic duo of OPTom Roger and Super Fish Michelle Jefferson.. Michelle took them out strong and Tom had an awesome ride and a very hot run. ‘Little Dalby’ Team Walker/Green/Stephenson had Bec flying home in the 10km with a very handy 46 mins. Our only Men’s Team was comprised of swimmer/runner Simon Doyle and a mate of his to ride. Strong performances from everyone and it seemed that everyone was very pleased with their results (except for maybe Ang & Katrina!!).

With the late withdrawal of Sam and Bron, there were only 2 left standing to carry the weight of Dalby on their well muscled shoulders. Danny Nearhos and Rachele Cumming were focused and motivated and ready to wreak havoc on that Mooloolaba course. With last minute changes to the swim leg, the panic set in, was this a trick to make them swim further?? Rach was first off at 7.00am and Danny at 7.32am, the teams followed at 7.50 and 7.55am. Conditions were PERFECT, a little cool but water temp was beautiful. This was Danny’s 2nd stab at Mooloolaba but the 1st for Rach and she was scared (of the sharks). The swim was in an M shape along the coast of the Mooloolaba Beach which exited at the steps of the ‘Loo’s with a View’, then with a short run up the beach and stairs and down to transition the second leg began. Forget the sand and the salt water stinging the eyes, this was business. Now where did I rack my bike?? With bike firmly in hand, helmet fastened the bike leg had begun. The first part of this course has some nasty little bergs and can get the heart pumping until you head down the Exit Ramp and suddenly you have wings and are flying. With not much wind around, it was a perfect day for time trialling. Just after the turn around dreams turned to disaster when Rach noticed her FIRST EVER flat tyre. TEARS of disappointment & frustration set in. So she set about changing her flat and along came a friendly man to help and then he left without helping, so she walked for about half an hour begging for help. Meanwhile Danny was carving up the course at a ferocious pace, giving it everything. He yelled something.....He rode past.....then a white knight appeared, pumped up said tyre and away she went. The Teams were well into it at this stage too, with the girls scoring some fantastic averages. Danny came into Trans 2 on fire and leapt into his runners and away to stamp in approval in the hardest run course in Triathlon. In comes Rach, the supporters have now realised that it has been a flat keeping her not slow legs.. A flying Trans 2 also gets her quickly on the run, she’s fired and needs to make up some valuable time. Danny finished his day at the office with one ‘expresso Love’ and a 47 minute run thank you very much and Rachele also finished on a high with an awesome run. Danny’s time of 2 hours 30 mins 40 secs was well on his goal, good one. Rachele was extremely happy with her splits despite the 34 minute delay in her bike leg, her official time 3 hours 25 mins is just a number.....
Let’s book in for next year, Mooloolaba ROCKS.....


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