Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Hell of the West

After 3 years of only a handful of Team Dalby Members competing, a large contingent hit Gundi to contest the Hell of the West half ironman triathlon 2km swim, 80km cycle, 20km run.

With members needing a 3.30am rise to calm nerves, eat and get numbered our individual Dalby star Sam Beck hit the water at 5am, closely followed by team members Simon Doyle, Darren Hoskin and Kate Paynter. Ex Dalby girl Chris Galinovic also making the long trek from Rocky for the half ironman and then at 5.15am The Don hit the water for an EPIC Hell of the West.

After 2 vomits in the McIntyre and some belated advice from the dietician, Sam emerged triumphantly from the water in 40 minutes, closely followed by Hosko, Kate and Simon.

GAME ON…. The bike leg began with a tailwind on the way out. All Dalby riders found the conditions to their liking recording 38-40km averages at the turn around. With the road surface more like the moon in some patches the going got tough on the way home. Some fast splits were recorded by the Dalby Diva’s Andrea Gooma, although not to be out done for bragging rights Dalby Wilbury, Gary Gooma came home slightly faster! John Cullen was not far behind for the Diesel Care Team. Luke Rowney also recorded a super fast time for his team. Our solo competitors were hitting the pace with ‘Sam Sam the time trial man’ clocking up at amazing 2 hours 19 min leg (how good is he?). The Don was hitting the straps also, getting some nasty cramps at the 60km mark.

After the bike leg there was only 20km run left to go to complete the Hell of the West. Sam was feeling the heat but made the first aid station as the baton was past onto the Dalby Wilbury member Angela Doyle. Hot on her heels was Diva Bron Green (who is in blistering form) and Don Rathmell was as keen as mustard to keep the ball rolling as was Dangerous Dave (looking dangerous). Ratsy went off like a bull at a gate for the first 8km, by the 12km mark he was struggling. With the runners on course to do extremely fast times, Sam and Don were still pounding the pavement for their individual achievements. With temperatures approx 10 degrees cooler than last year, it was a lot more comfortable for the competitors. Both Bron and Ang ran an amazing 20km, both clocking around the 1 hour 30 mins – you girls are inspiring!

Sam finished in a time of 4 hours 55 minutes, this man is awesome, and he is a credit to Team Dalby! Sam came 12th in his 25-29 age group. Well done, Mate.
The Don was helped over the line by his kids, Claudia and Hugh. This was a tale of epic proportions for Don, he has lived to tell the tale (again) of the Hell of the West. Don was able to crack 7 hours (just) in a time of 6 hours 59 minutes to finish 17th in his 45-49 age group. Congratulations Don, awesome stuff!

Well done to all who participated, especially the Dalby Diva’s Kate, Andrea and Bron who took out the prestigious 1st place in the women’s division, the Dalby Wilbury’s took out 3rd in the Masters division. Also to Chris Galinovic who was able to crack the 5 hour barrier in a time of 4 hours 57 mins to claim 3rd in her 35-39 age group.

To all the support crew, dieticians, masseurs, team physios, chiro’s, mentors and drunken hooligans – THANK YOU for getting our Team Dalby legends over the line.


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