Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Coral Cove Classic

This was Brady’s first time racing at the Coral Cove Classic and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The course was 1.1km lap of smooth roads and with 1 decent climb. The weather was warm and very windy which it made it difficult along the back straight, there was a fierce head wind which sorted the men from the boys. The race was 30mins + 2 laps, in the 17th minute Brady and National Junior silver medallist Jordan Kierby (Maryborough) broke away, building a gap of well over a minute and a half to the main field. Young Jordan and Brady kept building their lead throughout the remainder of the race and with only 4 laps to go the young champ pulled away. Brady maintained his position not giving in and even gained some time on the 1st place getter over the final 2 laps finishing only 8 sec behind him to claim second place. There was a tight sprint for third which saw the only Elite woman Kirsty Broun (T Mobile member) edged out by a fraction. Brady also took out 1 of the Intermediate Sprints.

The racing was of an excellent standard and we saw local cycling hero’s Scott (T Mobile) and Allan Davis (Astana) compete along side local A Graders, they were an awesome sight as they demolished the rest of the field including Allan’s own ASTANA’s team mates. Allan took out first and Scott second and Victor Broncos Rider Brendon O’Connell third.

The Cumming Clan were flanked by supporters Jamie, Annie, Charlie and Isabelle Cox (Coral Cove locals) and were also pleased to have Dalby Team members Bron and Greenie there to support also.

This is a very well organised event and is certainly something we will be heading up for again next year.

Written by Rach.


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