Sunday, October 01, 2006

BRON'S BIRTHDAY BASH by Katrina Walton

Bron’s Birthday Bash

It was a beautiful spring morning on Saturday, Sept 30, as Team Dalby left the post office for a ride to Jimbour via Bell to celebrate Bronwyn’s momentous 35th birthday. While the “hard core” group of Brady, Tony and Andrea went for an early pedal, Bron was joined by Rachele, Sladey and Gary. Simon met the crew about 13km out of town, and then Katrina joined up at the Aronui crossroads 20km from town. The group had no sooner gone 5km when the dreaded “hsssssssssss” echoed from Katrina’s front tyre. (That would be the tyre that DIDN’T go flat when riding with Noel and Susan) After being terribly disappointed that Gary didn’t take his shirt off to change the tyre, all were pleased to see his tyre changing skills were adequate and applauded as the tyre was pumped up. Alas, the dreaded “hsssssssssss” sounded again, this time blowing out part of the tyre and nicely shooting Bronwyn in the leg. While Katrina looked for a rock to crawl under, the group walked back to the shade of a tree as Bron phoned Mark to collect a new tyre and tube on his way out to meet us. Gary showed exceptional skill to manage to get a flat tyre whilst walking his bike back to shade, something that is very difficult for the average rider to achieve. Whilst continuing to disappoint the girls by leaving his shirt on (AGAIN!) he managed to fix his own tyre while we waited for Mark and pit crew Lynne Butters to arrive. Greeny found us, skidded into position, leapt out of the moving vehicle and ran towards the incapacitated bike with the new tyre swinging from his neck. The team moved into full action stations then, with Simon ably taking over the pumping duties from Gary’s tired biceps. Pit Chick Lynne took the car onto Jimbour so that Mark could finish the ride with us. The team had to cut the ride short at this stage as a few were nearly passing out from hunger and had others to meet at Jimbour house. As we finally arrived at about 12.40pm, we were soon joined by the Nolan, Cumming, Gormley and Slade families to enjoy a BBQ lunch at the cellar door. It was a great, if broken, day and we all hope Bron had a great birthday. Katrina reserves the right to continue to join the pack when possible, even if it means getting further flats (she promises to change the next one herself……..she thinks). Many thanks to Rachele for organising this latest Team Dalby event.


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