Sunday, September 03, 2006



Bright and early on the 5th of August a strong contingent of Dalby riders fronted up to compete in the annual “Cunningham Classic”. It was a cool and very, and I mean VERY, windy day.

The “Cunningham Classic” was raced over 97 km into some very fierce winds. Brady and Cookie raced in a large field of 75 riders. The strong winds along with the strong climbers at the king of the mountain climb managed to whittle the field down to about 23 riders who stayed together until the end. There were a few unsuccessful breakaways but in the end it came down to a group sprint with Cookie finishing 4th and Brady taking out 6th.

Vet C saw Nolesy and Luke line up in a strong field of riders. The pace was firm and constant given the conditions. The King of the Mountain climb saw Nolesy in good position over the top with a small group of riders. However, Luke worked hard with a group of other riders and managed to regroup with the lead pack. Unfortunately Nolesy succumbed to the dreaded Cramps with only 20 Kms to go while Luke managed to hang on with a PISSA effort to finish with the group.

Andrea managed to stick it out in the unforgiving conditions, her group saw a few mishaps (crashes, dropped chains etc) along the way. Andrea stuck with the group through KOM. Andrea did extremly well, finishing in a small group of riders after riding solo in the very strong winds for most of the second half of the race, this girl has got some ticker!. She said she will be linig up again next year.

All in all the riders from Dalby had a great day out. All riders said that although the race was extremely tough they would be keen to ride the race next year. But I think that all the riders would agree that we hope that next year the weather will be a bit better.

Written by Cookie


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