Thursday, September 06, 2007


50km Pure Blonde Pursuit
Bron, Greenie, Damo, Walker and Ninja’s Lucas and Matt were ready for their MTB offensive. With pockets overflowing with various lollies, secret potions and probably a bit of EPO they were off!! Old hands Bron, Greenie and Walker were out of the blocks like a shot ready to show the world their MTB prowess, also their landing, tumbling and crashing abilities. Walker and Bron were making a good show with tumbles of the highest calibre; Bron had a little down hill dance with her bike and ended up tangled up in her frame but I think Walker won the day with a spectacular ‘splat’ that sent him to St Vincent’s Emergency Room post race for x-rays. Walker however came through it OK with some seriously nasty bruising and a nice sized lump on his shoulder OUCH!
Lucas and Matt stuck together and found it a bit tough but I’m positive they will be back again next year, won’t you boys??
This year Team Dalby unleashed a beast onto the Epic trial, his name is DAMO. This was Damo’s first MTB event and he took to it like a duck to water, in a star studded line up this super human managed to out class and out wit his opponents to finish an amazing 2nd place in his Super Masters Category.

EPIC Marathon 100km
Conditions were wet, muddy, sticky and ‘ridiculous’ as quoted by Cookie…
This year Team Dalby had 3rd time MTB Marathon contender Brady and newbies Cookie and Nolesy to ride, walk, scramble, toil, swear (a lot) their way through the toughest Epic to date. The numbers were down due to the wet weather and now we know why. This was extremely tough and looked to add approx 1 – 2 hours on the finish time. Because of the tough conditions of the day the 3 amigo’s decided to take the “one for all, all for one’ approach. NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!!! In his post race interview Brady said that he seriously thought of calling his support crew to come and get them after first few km’s because the black soil mud was already taking its toll, but they slogged it out. Meanwhile after stocking up on McCafe Latte’s, water, powerades, gatorade’s, lollies and choccies ; Ange (Team Driver), Donna and myself headed down the range to Check point 2 at Crust Farm. We had a top viewing position atop of a big log; we could see the riders as they came out of the scrub.. most were covered in mud and some not !! We were beginning to wonder where our lads were when the man in black came out of the scrub with an orange and red jersey on his bum; did we hear the words ‘this is ridiculous’??? YES, there was Cookie ! After a few minutes to stock up on some food and water and make a few running repairs the boys were off again (a little reluctantly, some might say). The last half of the course is far more technical with a lot of single track work which is very hard of the tired brains and bodies. It was going to be a long day in the saddle. Back in the car and we head to the finish at the beautiful Peppers at Hidden Valley. Because of the rain they had moved the parking facility further down the road which meant supports (laden with chairs, bags etc) had to trek up a bloody steep hill to get the finish – oh the joy.

Upon our arrival Damo had already finished his 50km pursuit and the feeling was the other Team Dalby members were not far off either. Soon enough there they were. Walker was quickly rushed to the first aid tent and arrangements were made to get him off to hospital. So we packed Bec, Walker and Greenie off, laden with delicious burgers and drinks for the trip back to Toowoomba. Bron stayed on to wait for the Ninja’s and they arrived, albeit a little shattered but they were still in one piece. Top job guys…
The atmosphere was buzzing (not just the flying ants) with music, food, beer and wine. Muddy faces and broken bodies emerging up the finishing shoot, some smiling and some not! Then as we were beginning to imagine our boys all sitting under a tree with broken bones and paper, scissor, rocking as to who goes for help; they arrived. Jubilation and complete exhaustion was apparent on the 3 grubby faces we all know so well. Nothing broken, a few minor scratches and bruises (a few cramps for Nolesy) – they had finished.


Congratulations all round boys…. and showers please.
After being fed, watered and showered we finished off a long day cheering on our cycling forefather DAMO in his podium placing presentation and then HOME. Compliments to all the riders and those who supported them and put up with their whinging and whining. Remember Lee, it’s our turn next year…….
Written by RACH..


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