Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Cookie ON FIRE at Laidley….He wins AGAIN…..

There were 3 members from Team Dalby contesting the harsh winds at Laidley on Sunday Tony Nolan in the Masters C 78km race, John Cook in Masters B 104km race and Brady Cumming in Elite B 104km Race. All of the boys were pretty keyed up to get amongst it and looking forward to hold the places or improve on the SEQ TOUR points positions.

Brady currently in 1st.

John currently in 2nd

Nolesy currently in 2nd.

Brady was out on the course first wearing the Elite B Leaders Jersey, his race was combined with the Masters A. The Master A riders are extremely tough and are often referred to as STOGS (Scarey Tough Old Guys). There were constant attacks throughout the race and after each 13km loop the lead seem to change until a 2 man breakaway held the rest off. Brady managed to get into a 5 man group off the front of the main pack and held there until the sprint for 3rd, Brady finished 6th place. Despite being very sick in his lead up, he was happy with his result and is still out right leader in the SEQ TOUR.

Cookie was next to hit the road. Cookie is currently in 2nd place behind Trevor Gordon in his SEQ TOUR Category. He certainly had his weet bix for breakfast as he was ON FIRE…. Cookie led the charge from the very beginning, attacking and making the race his own. Lap after lap Cookie came around in the lead bunch which eventually came down to 5 riders with minutes on the main bunch. As they came into the main finishing straight it was like watching the Tour de France, riders playing cat and mouse, not wanting to lead out UNTIL Cookie pounced like a man processed and hit the finish line with about an inch and a half to the 2nd place getter. After John gave his adoring crowd a Number 1 salute he was congratulated by his exhausted counterparts… Cookie is now looking to go all the way in the next few races to take the TOUR lead. Awesome stuff.

Nolesy led out fast in his race, they were quick to size up the opposition. There was no stuffing about it was straight into the business end of things, team Bikeline has a strong attendance in this race and were all doing their jobs to keep their team leader up the pointy end. Nolesy was in a fantastic spot after the 4th lap, in a 15 man breakaway, he looked comfortable and in his element. On the bell lap as he came past his adoring fans, he looked hurt (BLOODY CRAMPS!!), he seemed to work through it as best he could. The final 15 busted up on the last lap, this breakaway were flying, they had nearly lapped other guys in the same race. Nolesy had a little sip of toughen up and in his final dash for the line held on the place 14th.


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