Monday, April 10, 2006


A troop of Team Dalby went to race the first race of the 3 race Trek Series on the 9th April. John Cook, Tony Nolan, Luke Rowney and Andrea Gormley. Brady had to withdraw his entry due to his broken collar bone and Sam Beck due to his niggling back injury. Andrea raced very hard, leading from the front and made several attacks to breakaway but with no success. She finished the race well being in the top 5 ladies - Well Done 'SHEGORMA'! Luke and Nolesy (Chipo) faired well on the 'Super G' course, with a high average nearing the 40's kph. These guy's stayed in there until the end but just couldn't find their sprinting legs to finish off. Cooky raced well, mixing it up with some of Queensland's best but with a sickening crash during the week and a gut full of antibiotics and pain killers he did remarkably well. At the time of writing Cooky still holds 3rd place in the SEQ Tour Elite Mens C.
Good day was had by all, no crashes and everyone safe!!!
Thanks again to the Dalby Cycling Pit Crew......


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